What's Inside


A ture superfood sourced fresh and sustainably from only the best local macadamia farms in South Africa.


Pure and Rich. From the purest deep icy waters of the Antarctic and is harvested along the coast of Namibia under the scorching African sun
Pea protein

Our pea protein contains a complete amino essential acid profile  providing the ultimate plant-based protein fuel.

Natural ingredients

All our ingredients, from our macadamias to our flavorings, share one thing in common. They’re all-natural and free from artificial anything.

Coconut oil

A well-known plant-based fat source known for its keto-friendly high medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil content.

Cocoa powder

Providing a deep and delicious hit of dark chocolate flavor.


Nature's sweatener. Derived from the stevia leaf to provide natural sweetness without any sugary energy crash.