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House of Macadamias
House of Macadamias
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House Of Macadamias Snacks Arrives In The UK

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Having recently landed at Planet Organic, Portobello Wholefoods & Partridges, House of Macadamias has further highlighted its bold ambitions for the UK by teaming up with WH Smiths (July 22), to foster the nationwide retailer’s growing determination to become a leading voice within health-conscious snacking movement that champions ‘World Cuisine & gastronomic flavour marriages.

The UK’s snowballing appreciation of the humble nut has been gathering added momentum in recent times, fuelled by a growing appreciation of what constitutes a well-balanced nutritious diet, a heightened demand for ‘real’ food unburdened by synthetic nasties or added sugar and the rising influence of various well-informed ‘food minority’ diets (vegan, keto, paleo, high fibre, coeliac..).

Almonds, cashews and even the mighty pistachio have been ensconced in British dietary thinking for some while now, fuelled by a long-standing appreciation of the Mediterranean diet.  The best macadamias however are grown in South Africa, which helps explain why they have taken a little longer to foster a vibrant UK fanbase.

According to House of Macadamias spokesperson, Carmen Hiemstra, ‘Macadamias are a veritable goldmine of buttery textured goodness, an under-appreciated superfood packed with beneficial anti-oxidants, minerals and healthy fats, that’s low in carbs and lectins but high in beneficial fibre.  Macadamias are also higher in beneficial omega 3s than avocados and olive oil whilst low in unfriendly omega 6s.  

Macadamias provide the perfect setting for both sweet & savoury flavours to prosper which is why WH Smiths is launching House of Macadamias, chocolate dipped, onion and lightly salted variants this July.  House of Macadamias is actually the only brand to have macadamias as its No.1 ingredients!       

Better still, House of Macadamias doesn’t dabble with palm oil or any synthetic nasties and is a bustling business, closely aligned with of South Africa’s best known farming co-operatives that champions the livelihoods of a 1000+ community families. 

"The UK is a vibrant foodie marketplace we’ve admired from afar for some while,’ concludes Carmen, ‘which is why we believe our LATEST proud high street listing is merely the next stepping stone in our ongoing quest to forge better-for-you snacking unions with the UK’s leading health-conscious retailers, independents and wholesalers."

ALSO available Partridges, Whole Foods & Portobello Wholefoods

Each pouch (sweet & savoury) is 40g

Choc-dipped £3.16 a pouch / savoury £3 

Source: Well Being Magazine


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