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Whether you’re enjoying your morning coffee or snacking on the move, our macadamias will sustain your energy and satisfy your cravings.


“A fantastic pantry staple in our household. The variety is great to keep everyone happy and to change it up a bit”

Janine Pieters, South Africa

“I left a box in our office and it’s our new go-to snack to keep in the coffee cupboard.”

Anna Petit, United States

“I buy House of Macadamias in our university cafeteria. It keeps me going through the day without crashing my sugars. I like that it’s plant-based and nature-friendly.” 

Ela Meta, United Kindgom

“Been eating Macadamias my whole life so I know how good they are for you. Glad I can find some variety in products on the shelves, thanks to House of Macadamias.”

Jason, South Africa

Can’t think of a more convenient on the go snack that’s there regardless of how you move!

Cory Camp
Why Macadamias?

Macadamias were previously hard to come by and came at a cost. Sourced from South Africa – the world’s macadamia nut capital – our products hero this decadent, nutrient-dense nut. By working closely with our partners, we aim to meet the growing demand for macadamias by making them more accessible for everyone to enjoy their decadent taste and range of health benefits.


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