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The Origin of House of Macadamias - Blog | Macadamia Nuts, Macadamia Nut Bars & More

The Origin of House of Macadamias

Dani Du Toit -

South Africa is known as the macadamia nut capital of the world for good reason.

The Mpumalanga province has the ideal climate and agricultural landscape to grow and harvest macadamia nuts which thrive best in areas with warmer weather and high humidity. With excellent conditions for cultivating thanks to rich soil, clean mountain water and mild temperatures, our farmers can produce the highest quality nuts. The trees rely on rainfall as the main water source making macadamia nut farming part of a sustainable ecosystem. 

With a growing demand for macadamia nuts worldwide, we wanted to share South African macadamias with the world.

Passionate about the myriad health benefits of the nut, we wanted to give people an alternative option to other nuts or snacks. 

House of Macadamias’ founder grew up in South Africa and has a background in the agricultural sector – this assisted us in establishing relationships with suppliers and partners in the industry. Our trusted farming partner, Golden Macadamias provides only the best-of-the-best nuts sourced from over ninety independent farms. Our team and farmers, who are the largest macadamia suppliers in the world, have created strong relationships and a supply chain that puts people and the products first, while never sacrificing quality. 

Nuts such as peanuts or cashews often steal the spotlight as the go-to nut for snacking.

The macadamia is naturally a creamy, rich nut that has health benefits that will have you glowing from the inside out. Macadamias are high in heart-healthy fats, they’re packed with Omega 7 that supports collagen generation and aid the gut in digestion. 

At House of Macadamias, we’ve created a collection of products that hero the nut with options  for everyone to enjoy. Next time you’re stocking up on snacks, add our macadamias to your cart and see for yourself. 

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