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House of Macadamias
House of Macadamias

The Official Snack of Deep Thinkers Everywhere

Get Salted Macadamias! Add Them to Your Order and Use LEX

The Official Snack of Deep Thinkers Everywhere

Get Salted Macadamias! Add Them to Your Order and Use LEX

5 Stars from Thousands of Customers

I have eaten Macadamias for over 50 years yours are the BEST BAR NONE!!! 

John C

These are delicious but addictive. Definitely suggest the variety pack as it is like a box of chocolates if you close your eyes and pick you'll never know what you get lol. Seriously though a very delicious and great product.

Raymond A

Delicious product. It’s definitely a lifetime find for my Keto lifestyle. My favorite use is to eat it straight out of the packet as a fabulous treat! It makes an excellent cream or milk to add to my tea as well. Love this!!

Patricia S

Hallo fasting buddies, this one is for you, elevate your intermittent fasting experience with Macadamia milk, it will keep you full for long and you do not have any cravings or feel hunger, it’s creamy and delicious.

Kgaitsewe M

These are the BOMB!!! LOVE THEM ALL!

Te W

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Our Trusted Partners on Macadamias


Our Trusted Partners on Macadamias

Benefits of Macadamias:

Only Nut Rich in Omega 7's

Macadamias are a unique source of rare Omega 7s, which support natural collagen production and metabolic health. They have been linked to longevity and healthy fat loss

Lowest Carb Nut

Macadamias have half the carbohydrates cashews do, and 33% fewer than almonds

Healthiest Fat Profile

Macadamias have more heart-healthy monounsaturated fatty acids than avocados. Ideal for Mediterranean-style eating, macadamia oil is richer in MUFA than even olive oil

Are Macadamias the Healthiest Nut?

  • Superior Omega 3:6 ratio, 7x better than pistachios.
  • Most heart-healthy monounsaturated fats.
  • Only nut rich in Omega 7s, linked to natural collagen production, fat loss, and longevity.
  • Lower levels of anti-nutrients (lectins, oxalate, and phytic acid).
  • Uniquely rich and creamy flavor making them an easy addition to any daily diet.