Low-Carb has never been this delicious

Healthy has never been this delicious

Packed with energy.
high protein.
no sugar.

  • Certified Vegan Keto & Paleo

  • 100% natural ingredients

  • No added sugar, additives or preservatives

  • Packed with vitamins and nutrients

Low carb, keto vegan protein macadamia snacks

The secret's in the (all natural) ingredients


We make 100% plant-powered macadamia superfood products that are keto, vegan, paleo and gluten-free. Using only the highest quality, all natural ingredients, our goal is to provide you with a snack that is both delicious and remarkably healthy at the same time.

The perfect low-carb all day snack

Packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals. High in healthy fats with no sugar, no carbs, certified keto, paleo and vegan. Choose from savoury, salty and sweet. Available for delivery throughout the United States. Buy 2+ boxes online and we'll deliver free within 2 days.

Your Questions, Answered.

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Are your delicious snacks suitable for vegetarians or vegans?

Yes, all of our products are certified paleo vegan and suitable for both vegetarians and vegans. All of our products contain no animal or animal-derived products. 

I'm following a low-carb diet can I eat Macadamia nuts?

Macadamia nuts are especially low-carb. If you are on a keto diet or a low-carb diet, macadamia nuts are a great choice for snacking between meals. Macadamia nuts are also rich in fiber – with 2.4 grams per serving – so they will full you up.

Why do all your snacks contain Macadamia nuts?

Not only are Macadamia nuts the most delicious of all nuts, they are also possibly the most healthy. Packed with Omegas for brain and nerve health, especially low in carbs and sugar. Macadamia nuts are also high in dietary fiber and free-radical, disease-fighting antioxidants. To top it off they are keto, vegan and paleo friendly and known for their role in managing high cholesterol and inflammation.

Where do you source your Macadamia nuts?

Through our personal relationships with select local African farmers, we are able to source the finest macadamia nuts at the best price. Our nuts are delivered straight from the farm, and our products are made and packaged a short drive away to ensure freshness. With this simplified, straight-from-farmer supply chain we can create macadamia-based products at a scale and quality not possible until now.

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Packed with nutrition, Macadamia nuts are the ultimate health snack..