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House of Macadamias
House of Macadamias

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“Sometimes you think you have to figure out life’s purpose, but you really just need some macadamia nuts and a cold fucking shower."


5 Stars from Thousands of Customers

It is very healthy snack. Not too sweet. Well balanced taste with nutrition. Highly recommended!

Xiaoyun L

Love it! The oil tastes like butter. Take a shot or add it to your protein shakes for the healthy fat


Excellent flavor and fresh taste. Great quality of nuts. Awesome company stands by their product. Prompt service and delivery. Well packaged.

Kim B

I love my macadamias, they are sweet and crunchy and the chocolate is delicious

Ana M

Truly delicious - and nourishing and satisfying. A packet of these for my morning snack gives me energy and satisfies cravings. They're really, really good. By far my favorite nut, and these flavors are really tasty.

Julia R

I love macadamias and the taste and flavor of these nuts were wonderful. They tasted fresh and luscious.

Nathan G

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Our Trusted Partners on Macadamias


Our Trusted Partners on Macadamias

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Benefits of Macadamias:

Only Nut Rich in Omega 7's

Macadamias are a unique source of rare Omega 7s, which support natural collagen production and metabolic health. They have been linked to longevity and healthy fat loss

Lowest Carb Nut

Macadamias have half the carbohydrates cashews do, and 33% fewer than almonds

Healthiest Fat Profile

Macadamias have more heart-healthy monounsaturated fatty acids than avocados. Ideal for Mediterranean-style eating, macadamia oil is richer in MUFA than even olive oil

Are Macadamias the Healthiest Nut?

  • Superior Omega 3:6 ratio, 7x better than pistachios.
  • Most heart-healthy monounsaturated fats.
  • Only nut rich in Omega 7s, linked to natural collagen production, fat loss, and longevity.
  • Lower levels of anti-nutrients (lectins, oxalate, and phytic acid).
  • Uniquely rich and creamy flavor making them an easy addition to any daily diet.