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The bite-sized wellness warrior

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As awareness grows about the benefits of including the right foods in your diet, there’s one natural ingredient – the macadamia nut – that’s often overlooked, yet, it’s Paleo and Keto diet compatible, vegan friendly and contains no sugar or artificial additives, gluten or dairy (not to mention lower in carbohydrates than almonds and cashews).

Some people avoid nuts because they make you feel bloated, taste ‘boring’ or they’re expensive, but macadamias have low lectin content (unlike peanuts, almonds and cashews), and are high in fibre, so they’re easier to digest, plus, they’re delicious in baked treats, snack bars and nut butters.

We only use sustainably farmed nuts to produce healthy bites, from chocolate-coated macadamia bars to roasted or seasoned macadamia nuts.

By swapping that packet of chips for a nutrient-dense macadamia snack, you’ll increase your chances of keeping your cholesterol in check, lowering the risk of being affected by a dread disease and improving your all-round wellness (less risk of heart disease, improved brain, heart and skin health as well as regulating blood pressure).  

Find out more about this health superfood here.  


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