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House of Macadamias
House of Macadamias

The Internet's Favorite Nut

Luxurious Macadamia Nut Snacks So Good You Won’t Believe They’re Healthy

5 Stars from Thousands of Customers

It is very healthy snack. Not too sweet. Well balanced taste with nutrition. Highly recommended!

Xiaoyun L

Love it! The oil tastes like butter. Take a shot or add it to your protein shakes for the healthy fat


Excellent flavor and fresh taste. Great quality of nuts. Awesome company stands by their product. Prompt service and delivery. Well packaged.

Kim B

I love my macadamias, they are sweet and crunchy and the chocolate is delicious

Ana M

Truly delicious - and nourishing and satisfying. A packet of these for my morning snack gives me energy and satisfies cravings. They're really, really good. By far my favorite nut, and these flavors are really tasty.

Julia R

I love macadamias and the taste and flavor of these nuts were wonderful. They tasted fresh and luscious.

Nathan G

The Healthiest Nut in the World?

  • Macadamias are a unique source of rare Omega 7s, which support natural collagen production and metabolic health. They have been linked to longevity and healthy fat loss
  • 55% less carbs than cashews, and 33% fewer than almonds
  • More healthy fats than avocados!
  • Low Lectin Levels

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Our Trusted Partners on Macadamias

Tim Ferriss

“House of Macadamias produces the best tasting macadamia nuts I’ve ever eaten, by far”

Thomas DeLauer

"They're the only company that I know of that has macadamia nut bars where the literal first ingredient is macadamia nuts... It's awesome!"

Lex Fridman

"A company that ships delicious, high quality and healthy macadamia nuts and macadamia nut-based snacks directly to your door, small portions, healthy, delicious."

Jason Calacanis

"I love the chocolate-dipped macadamia nuts, ah. For me, a much better choice than let's say peanut M&Ms... it's a higher-end chocolate and I love macadamias, they're so rich and delicious"

Rich Roll

"There is one nut that is my favorite. A nut so exotic, so special, it's like an indulgence. And that nut is the macadamia, specifically macadamia nuts from the premier supplier of said nut House of Macadamias."

Dr. Gabrielle Lyon

"House of Macadamias are an amazing company. It's the perfect snack after your first meal of the day to avoid a lot of volume in your stomach. Their products are a great source of Omega 7s and packaged in a way where you can just travel with it right in your pocket!"

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